Hi, I’m Judy Copenbarger and I’m glad you took the time to be here. Let’s talk about money! But there is one small problem, and that is that money can be somewhat of a touchy subject.

There’s an expectation somehow that we’re all supposed to know how money works.

However, the truth is most of us were never taught about the real value of money. It’s not something discussed in depth by our parents. It’s not something talked about in a great deal in any particular grade school, not grade school, not middle school, not high school.

And in fact, it’s really not even talked about or properly presented in college. The one thing we do know is that colleges like to receive it from us when the tuition is due.


So what is the real value of money?


Well, in its deepest form, money is merely an arbitrary store of value. It’s not the value itself. So what then is the value of money? Well, compared to what? Do we want to know what it’s worth now versus the future or the past? If so, we could discuss inflation, ROI’s, projected values, or the time value of money.

Do we want to know what its worth compared to other currency measurements? If so, we could discuss the exchange rates of the Yen or Renminbi, Shekels, Euro, Dollar, or even seashells! So what is the real value of money?

The true value of money is its value relevant to its impact on your life. Money could be considered a powerful tool, which can enhance lives or destroy them. Just like a hammer could be used to build a beautiful birdhouse. That same hammer could slam down on your thumb causing harm. So when it comes to this tool called money, what does it do for you? Your family, your loved ones, the causes that you care about, your life experiences.


What could money do for you?

happy couple moving

Provide a sense of security, safety, foundation, and basic needs? Maybe providing for your family is important. Building an organization or business, enhanced experiences in life, creating memories, education. How about peace? How about joy? Maybe for you, money is freedom.

What money does for you is the real and true value of money.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. Well, like all nutshells we have to understand what kind of nuts we’re breaking open, what can be eaten, and what nuts are just plain crazy and not good for us.


So if you are ready to truly learn about what others won’t tell you about money, then take a moment to visit the Truth About Money with Judy Copenbarger and learn and become rich with the knowledge that will help you attain not only more money but an abundance of everything that money cannot buy. I’m so happy you got to see this.

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See you soon. And until then be well, and God bless.

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