Curious About Starting Your Family’s Financial Planning?

If you’re looking for financial freedom for you and your family then consider creating and adhering to a strict family financial plan. Starting a family financial plan does not mean giving up everything you love to do, in fact a proper family financial plan will actually allow you to do more of what you love, while budgeting for the necessities and unplanned occurrences.

With my family financial planning guide I can teach you how to be good with money, how to make a basic financial plan for your family, and ultimately develop the best family finance plan for your lifestyle.

Most families have no backup options if and when they’re unable to cope with an unexpected bill. Typically families are able to deal with these problems by selling some assets. Rather than rushing around trying to sell your belongings, it’s actually recommended that every family have at least a minimum of 3 months savings to cover all their expenses.

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Speaker: Judy Copenbarger