Imagine if everybody had a really savvy grandparent, or money smart dad or mom, or a rich uncle to show them how money really works, and how to create it and grow it! Wouldn’t that be great! Well everybody does not. And you have been mis-guided and mis-informed by money talk every day of your life. Some people don’t even know that. Thank goodness, this book will open your eyes and un-do the damage. Your family will finally be in control of money.

money truth life judy copenbarger

money truth life book

This Book Teaches You What Banks, Car Dealers, Loan Officers, Investment Sellers, and Lenders Don’t Tell You About How Money Is Supposed to WORK FOR YOU and Your FAMILY to Avoid Your Being A Slave to Money or to Money Lenders.

You Can Call It: Wisdom of the Ages. Rules Passed Down For Centuries. Life Guidance & Lessons. Smart Money Behavior. The Secrets of Family Legacies. Prophetic Laws. Biblical Ways of Abundant Life.

When You Boil It All down, You’re About to Finally Get :



Your author, the profoundly caring, professional money guide, Judy Copenbarger, JD, CFP®, AIF®,  who counsels and teaches individuals of all ages and families of all types on the real facts and agendas of money, has finally put it in writing for you in this eye-opening book to finally bring MONEY TRUTH to YOUR LIFE and the lives of your family, forever.




In many ways, this book is a first doorway which, went entered, changes lives.


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