Hello. I’m Judy Copenbarger and welcome back. I’m so glad you’re here. Have you ever wondered what saving opportunities you might be missing? Well, today we’re going to talk about how to save money in college, one of the most important times of your life, and the financial decisions you’ll make during your education.

I love sharing ways to save with you and healthy habits that can make a potentially expensive chapter in your life, affordable and enjoyable.

As you take on the responsibility of your education it can be easy to get distracted with all the different ways you can spend your time and money. Not only are you trying to get good grades, but you also want to have fun and participate in campus life. Finances can quickly become overwhelming and out of control, so establishing good habits with money is even more important because you’re paying for school on top of all the expenses of your lifestyle.

For a rock-solid foundation of money habits check out this article next. We’ll start with the basics and then cover a few ways to budget that may not have crossed your mind. Here are some of the typical expenses you’ll face as a student and solutions that will save you money while keeping life fun.

Location and Transportation

A common thread through all these tips will come down to needs versus wants. Frugal choices may not be as appealing, but when you look back into the past, you will appreciate having more money in your bank account from all the practical choices you’ve made.

Trust me, you want to live as inexpensively as you can while still being able to focus on school, so live with your family if you have to or find roommates. Definitely look for the cheapest rent you can find as close to campus as you can.

When it comes to getting there, an easy way to save is to use public transportation or even bike if that’s possible. Make sure you take advantage of student discounts as well.

Save money on groceries

grocery shopping holding tomato

Buy a majority of your food at the local grocery store as often as you’re able. Just make sure you aren’t shopping while you’re hungry and always come in with a shopping list. Healthy eating is usually less expensive than processed. Packaged foods have higher costs for your wallet and your health.

Nutritious food actually helps you feel less hungry for longer and as a result, you save more. Making choices of water over soda or alcohol, compound your savings and the result, better grades, and a happier you.

If you want even more tips for saving on groceries, I have a perfect article for you. Make sure you read “Ways To Save Money On A Tight Budget“. If you’re enjoying learning about savings habits and building wealth, then make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to see the latest content as soon as it comes out.


group of friends sitting on blanket

We can’t ignore the best part of college and that’s the fun times and the people we get to share them with. The trick is to find activities that don’t break the bank and still allow you to flourish socially.

I highly recommend at least one outdoor activity that you love and make sure you have people to share it with. And I know sometimes you just want to veg out and watch a movie or a show, maybe play a video game, but when you keep savings in mind, it’s still possible to spend less.

Always ask yourself, “how can I enjoy this activity for less money?” Watching with friends or exploring the library at school will save you money. Be sure to research to see if your school has a resource for the activity you want to do. Many schools put a lot of time into programs that make this possible and there are campus facilities that are free that you could take advantage of. Don’t forget about those.


student loan application

At the very core of your expenses, you have your schooling to pay for.

Save on textbooks by finding them used through your school library, exchange programs, and even online. Apply for grants, which help you pay for tuition. And don’t forget to go to your classes and get good grades. Nothing is more expensive than taking a class twice.

Now you know how to be a master of saving while in school. Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Let me leave you with a question today and I would love to see your answer in the comments below. What is your favorite affordable activity? If you know another student who could use help with saving money, send them this article so they can start saving too.

I’m Judy Copenbarger and be sure to stay tuned for future articles to help students like you master your money.

You got this. Have a blessed day.

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