Judy Copenbarger speaking behind podium about family financial planning


I’m Judy Copenbarger, a professional financial planner that specializes in developing family finance plans.

It’s possible for any family to achieve more spending power with proper family financial planning, no matter what your income is, because it’s a mindset shift more than anything else.

I’m confident that with a little guidance and tenacity, you’ll discover that it’s not only possible to save money while supporting a family, but also to profit at the same time.

So if you’re curious about exactly how to make a fully formed family financial plan, then please begin reading my family financial planning guides today.

Remember, one of the best moves you can make for your family’s finances is to create goals. Not just short-term goals either, but long-term goals too.

Real family financial plans must take into account your goals, income streams, monthly expenses, and ultimately the life you hope to live within your budget.

Family Financial Planning

What I Do Regularly

Create Budgets

See how achieving intentional financial goals creates wealth confidence for your family! Develop your own family finance plan today. In just a few hours you will have an entirely different outlook on your family finances.

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Maximize Savings

People unconsciously avoid choosing to become “good with money,” because they’ve heard or they’ve been told that having money is a bad thing. This leads to never quite learning how to be good with money.

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Get Organized

Ever wondered how to make a financial plan for your family from scratch? A thoughtfully created intentional financial plan can put your financial house in perfect order and help you keep it that way for life.

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Follow Through

Can you imagine a life without financial stress? It is possible when you utilize our family financial planning guide. With a little follow through, and proper goal setting techniques, you'll be on the right path to family financial freedom.

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Family Financial Planning Worksheets

We have crafted a valuable library of family financial planning worksheets. These will help you get organized as you begin the planning process!